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About Wendi Rose

I am an ordained interfaith minister,  holistic counselor, healing practitioner and teacher.  Since 1995, I have been practicing healing methods including:  massage, Reiki, IET, hypnotherapy, NLP, Inner Child facilitation and public speaking.  For 3 years, I ran Hearts In Harmony, a holistic healing center in Abington, PA, before making the decision to travel extensively.  For 2 years I worked on the road as a spiritual counselor for many clients who were at various stages of crisis in their lives.  In 2010, I resettled in the Bucks County, PA area and began to re-establish myself  as a holistic practitioner and teacher.  In 2012, I met my beloved life partner Samuel Haines with whom I now work.  We have co-created this new business together and are launching exciting new programs and workshops!

As a child, I discovered my purpose was to ‘find myself’ and to love the person I find that I am!  Over the years I have had many experiences that took me on a path of personal discovery and acceptance.  This journey to self-love and acceptance continues for all of us, and promises great rewards should we choose to walk that path.  Mine has shown me that I am a loving reminder of the miracles that we are, and that we are truly divinely blessed.  My intention is to support people in experiencing and embracing deep and profound love for themselves–to realize that their life is truly remarkable! 


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About Sam Haines

My intention is to support people in their decisions to achieve health and well-being in their lives. 

Since early childhood, I have experienced insights into divine wisdom and love.  My path of self-love and acceptance began at a very young age when I felt a sense of the most profound unconditional love pouring through me from what I believe was the creator to all of creation.  I began to search for that love in the world around me and saw how broken-hearted and full of doubt and loneliness so many people are.  I knew at the age of 12 that I wanted to support people in achieving deeper love and connection in their lives.  For many years, I felt isolated in my experience from the world around me.  This feeling of isolation led me down my own path of re-discovery.  At times, I suffered from crushing self-doubt, depression, and thoughts of giving up entirely.  Fortunately, we are never alone on our journey and with the love and support of family, friends, and my own experiences of deep love, I carried through to my own garden experience in life.  I came to my own unique space of self-love.  Looking back, it was a gradual development scattered with revelation and sudden shifts of understanding. 

Wendi Rose and I connected in 2012—one of the most sublimely weird and moving moments of my life.  We have been creating a new life together ever since—both of us coming from our own unique space of self-love.  My experiences have taught me much and I look forward to what I have yet to see.

I believe that peace of mind and self-love are the foundation of any great change.  To see people awaken within themselves and bring their inner radiance to the world is exciting to me.  Further, I believe that on a quantum level, each of us holds patterns and energy that create the life we experience.  We are powerful co-creators, and we are loved.