Rave Reviews

We wish to share with you some of the experiences our students and clients have had with us!

With complete sincerity and gratitude I can say that the Inner Child Program changed my life. I started working with Wendi & Sam a year and a half into my recovery from a 13-yearlong eating disorder. I had been struggling with what felt like a lifetime of mental illness – including periods of severe depression, anxiety, panic attacks, abusive relationships, self-injury, and suicidality. By the time I started the Inner Child Program, I had successfully completed my conventional mental health treatment. I was in a generally stable place, but I felt like I was precariously floating above an ocean of darkness. I lived in tension, ready to defend myself against any person, emotion, or trigger that might drag me back down. As a result I avoided many things, and often felt like I was living on the surface. I knew I needed to do some deeper self-work in order to relax and enjoy life. Although I was terrified of what I would uncover, with Sam & Wendi’s support I decided to start their Inner Child Program. Within the first session I felt soothed, cared for, supported, guided, and protected. I found that with their unique mind-body approach, I was able to safely revisit formative moments in my life, recreating scenes to include a compassionate & empowered sense of self where before there had only been fear & suffering. I was able to go back and acknowledge wounds that had been ignored, to heal pain that had been repressed, and to comfort myself during my darkest and loneliest hours. The whole process was unbelievably moving, and I came away from each session feeling lighter, freer, & more connected to myself. My vision of life is no longer dictated by murky, distant experiences, and I am able to draw upon the tools I learned to regain perspective and stability when I feel out of control. It’s been over a year since I completed the program, and I still regularly use the practices I learned during it. I continue to see Sam & Wendi, as they have been instrumental in the sustainability of my recovery & are hugely supportive in my creation of a clear, mindful, and happy life.


I took about 8 long-distance IET healing sessions with Sam and Wendi. I am beyond grateful for their work, as not they only accommodated my schedule, but also took their time in between sessions to check on me. Wendi and Sam also took notes of everything they noticed during the sessions, and shared their thoughts with me via email. The sessions were also very powerful, as during them I was able to remove some blocks that kept me in the past and prevented me from moving forward. Among the blocks were some childhood wounds, and past life karma. I am very happy that I took these long-distance sessions with Wendi and Sam, who are truly beautiful souls, and care for their clients with all their hearts, helping others to see the world in a more positive way!


Amazing Harmony Healing from Wendi Rose and Samuel Haines!!!
Personal 7 Day After Testimony!!!
From the moment I walked into the charming home of Wendi Rose until the time I left, the feeling of love, healing, safety and compassion flowed right into my heart and soul the entire time. Along with making me feel comfortable, and well taken care of both, Wendi and Sam were completely professional as well as very understanding of me needs, wants, and intentions that were set for my healing. They created a beautiful sacred space that was held with unconditional love as well as a non-judgmental environment. Feeling complete at home with their understanding of my journey helped me to allow my emotions to be unveiled in a very raw and real energetic state. My worries, fears, and guards in exposing myself were completely dropped. The HARMONY MASSAGE was without a doubt exactly what my heart, soul, and spirit needed. Starting this particular session off with the enriched healing modalities of Reiki, IET, Vibrational Healing truly helped me to really go in deep and get in touch with anything that my spirit was asking to be looked at. In doing so a very younger inner child of mine immediately came thru and I was able to connect very easily with her and what she needed. What was really cool was that fact that Wendi Rose was a guest on my Angel Air Radio show and guided our listeners to a beautiful Inner Child Reconnection Meditation so I was able to go into my own “Heart Garden” with Mother Mary. In doing so I was able to come to a place of full forgiveness with my deceased biological father who I hadn’t physically scene since I was 5 years old. He recently had passed a few years ago. The relationship I had with my father, from the time I was born until I was 5, was beyond Traumatic and I will just leave it at that. However seeing him in a guanine energetic state and him asking for forgiveness for all of his wrong doings and fallible ways gave my heart the openness and compassion to forgive heal and release the binding chords, pain, hurt, anger, and sadness that my little girl inner child had been holding on too. The power of forgiveness bursted him into a million golden sparkles and the best word to describe how I felt was FREEDOM. This word applied to both myself and him. I could feel my heart enlarging and room for more love to enter and growth of my spirit in a very powerful deep way. Wendi and Sam never left me for one second. They were by my side working on me, clearing me, healing me and filling me with absolute unconditional love. Once that major breakthrough happened I was then ready to receive my Harmony Healing Massage of Love. Having both of them, male/female (God/Goddess Energy), work on my neck shoulders back hands and feet, immediately sent my whole body into ABSOLUTE HEAVENLY BLISS!! I never experienced anything like this where both of them seemed to know every part of my body that needed TLC and release and at the same time moving in synchronized complete unified Harmony! Hence the name HARMONY MASSAGE! You haven’t had a true energetic massage until you have experienced these two wonderfully gifted angels of love and light move their healing hands on your body!! I will be seeing Wendi and Samuel again and I highly encourage you to book a session with them. You won’t regret it! You will fully surender your spirit to them with all the love, compassion, and incredible healing that they offer! The wonderful thing about the work they do is it stays with you and even after 7 days later I can feel the healing still taking place and I am so incredibly grateful for them and this! I can’t thank you both enough for a truly potent and powerful healing and holding such a divine sacred space for me to do so. I love you both endlessly and may all the world find you two and help to make this planet a more loving healing place for all of humanity! Don’t take my word for it! Find out for yourself!

~Anita Mayberry



After many years of searching to find out who I really was and develop a stronger sense of myself, my prayer was answered when I finally found “The Inner Child Reconnection Program” with Wendi Rose and Sam Haines.  Completion of this program has been the most profound healing work that I have completed on my spiritual journey to date.

Reconnecting with my Inner Child has brought me so much joy back into my life, and helped me to reclaim the power that I had lost over the years without even knowing it.

Wendi and Sam make a beautiful team, and are truly divine healers connected to both the angelic realm and the very heart of God.  They gently helped me to realize that I am worthy to receive this divine love, and they gave me so many beautiful and helpful tools to heal painful childhood memories and wounds.  I felt so accepted and deeply loved throughout the entire process.  It was amazing to find out that I could feel my feelings, share them, and still be ok and lovable.  Wow!

I am also very excited to know that I really can forgive, let go, and cultivate more love in my life today, and feel the continuous support of many divine beings, my Creator, and the entire universe.

It is an honor to be able to share my experience, strength, and hope.  I strongly recommend this “Inner Child Reconnection Program” to anyone looking to find or strengthen their true identity, forgive themselves and others, and reclaim their power as a divine child of God.


 After struggling with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Adrenal Fatigue for over eight years, I’ve tried a multitude of holistic approaches (as conventional medicine has nothing to offer in terms of treatment) which have cost me thousands of dollars over the years. Supplements from the best holistic practitioners did almost nothing to give me more energy. Detoxing was of limited success on my energy levels, although I still believe in it’s benefits if done wisely. Dietary changes were of limited success, and I’ve tried a lot. Then I found Energy Medicine which helped more than anything else I’ve tried. Reiki helps me between episodes of extreme fatigue to maintain my energy levels, more than any supplement ever did. Acupuncture has been successful as well, but only after daily consecutive treatments.

And then I found IET with Wendi. When my energy levels crash, I’m practically bed-ridden for 10 days in a row with no energy to leave the house even for a 5 minute slow walk. Wendi helped me bounce back from extreme fatigue only after a session like nothing else has been able to do. I didn’t quite believe it after the first time. When I saw her the next time, I was in a really rough place, sleeping many hours during the day as I could barely stay awake to take care of my basic needs. Within hours I felt like myself with my energy returning. This gives me so much hope. 
Wendi is an incredibly nurturing practitioner with a very special gift. I can feel a lot of stuff (old emotions and such) come up during a session, although every sessions feels different. I still can’t fully believe how miraculously it is helping me. Wendi is my Miracle Worker. 
I grew up knowing nothing about energy healing and not believing in any of it. Medicine and later nutritional supplements and detoxing became what I believed would help me in the end. And now I’m discovering the power of Energy Medicine and clearing emotional blockages and releasing whatever it is that’s affecting my health on a very physical level. Thank you so very much, Wendi!!! I would love to learn IET from you one day. In the meantime, I’m grateful for your healing touch and support!

Studying with Wendi Rose has been a blessing in my life.   Her teaching methods are VERY gentle and come from deep in her heart.  One of the things that really made the classes so wonderful was that she shared many of her own personal experiences as examples in her teaching which made the concepts so easy to grasp.  She is full of passion and love and I’m so very thankful to have crossed paths with her beautiful soul.


” Since my VIP day with Wendi and Sam, I’ve felt more connected and alive with life. The depression and struggle I felt about my progress and career goals seem a non-issue now.  I feel more happy and receptive to my husband, and he loves the difference!  I feel the fear and resistance of perfectionism melting away, moving forward launching three info products and courageously asking my community to help. As a result, I attracted a top-notch affiliate partner who is starting to make lots of sales.  During the VIP day I felt so honored, heard and nurtured as I breathed in more life with Wendi’s breath work and cleared major blocks. Wendi and Sam make a powerful team with their inner child work, mapping out my ideal lifestyle, identifying blocks and I loved their much needed massage that helped release pain and stress in my body. I’d recommend their work to anyone who wants to take a quantum leap in their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health in one day.”

~Ruth Anne Wood, ScriptingForSuccess.com


“Completing the inner child healing process with Wendi Rose and Sam Haines has helped me to be more aware of what relationships in the present are triggering the little girl in me because of something in the past. As a result I am able to express my needs in a relationship more effectively. Wendi and Sam helped me clear old programming from past abuse and trauma through the use of spiritual counseling, guided meditation, and Integrated Energy Therapy. Now when I wake up during the night instead of feeling afraid and alone, I feel peace. The extreme pain I felt from clenching my teeth during the night is gone.

Throughout this process I felt supported by God/Goddess and my guides in healing. I was honest, brave and committed to doing the work and the rewards have been great! Wendi and Sam provided nurturing support throughout this journey. Their guided meditations and IET sessions are powerful clearing and healing experiences.  Thank you.”

 ~Christina Golden


 “Wendi and Sam, for the first time in my life I am not afraid of my dreams.  I’m not afraid to be myself and I’m not afraid to enhance myself and my life.  I no longer have a “comfort” zone.  I have a “what will make my soul happy?” zone.  Thank you for being a part of my journey”

~Juanita M. Ashe


“This was such an amazing massage having Wendi and Sam working on me.  Four hands instead of two!  Plus having the feminine as well as the masculine simultaneously was such a treat to me.  Great Balance!  Once experienced one would never really want just a one person massage.  Wendi and Sam are extremely talented as massage and energy therapists.  Gift yourself the most incredible massage you’ll ever receive!”

~Dottie Gannotti


“Thank you for a wonderful weekend.  You are a wonderful teacher and a wonderful loving presence.  I learned a lot and I feel very empowered and open to whatever comes next!”

~Mara Wai


“Awesome!  Wendi brings us the love and wisdom of the angels in this unique modality called IET.  Just beautiful.  I feel so blessed by this training.   Anyone who ever wants to learn IET, go learn from Wendi and then contact me-I’ll buy you a sandwich.”

~Susan Bartolino



“This has been an incredible experience for me. The inner child program allowed myself to embrace the preschooler who is independent and strong with a great sense of inner joy. The program empowered myself to love  and embrace the real Lauren who is strong, humorous, independent and mysterious. My meditation practice has reached a deeper level with the enhanced guided imagery from this program.And finally the program allowed me to let go of the versions or persona people wanted me to be. I honor God’s purpose for my life versus others’ vision. “

~Lauren Incollingo