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Wendi is offering the following IET® classes:
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*In the event that only one person schedules for a class, my policy is not to cancel the class, as others often do. Instead, I offer to the single registrant the opportunity to have a private one-on-one class. The benefit of this situation is that a single student gets my full focus and attention for that day. In group class settings, the full scope of an individual’s needs cannot be fully addressed.  In a one-on-one setting, we have the opportunity to work together to address all aspects that may come up during class. Each of my one-on-one students has walked away with a deeper understanding of the class material. In addition, each has received deeper healing of issues that inevitably arise in a class like this. Do to the greater value of the class, there is an additional fee in this situation  


*Packages, Workshop, and Class fees are non-refundable. If for some reason you can’t participate, you can apply the funds to future programs, products or services within one year.