Energy Trigger Release

As a result of this work, people have experienced greater range of motion and a decrease or cessation of pain.  Feeling better is not just a physical matter.  It is rewarding emotionally and mentally, as well!
Each person holds energy in their body.  Like an onion, we are layer on layer of held energy.  Some of the energy our bodies hold is non-beneficial to us and becomes the cause of resistance and dis-ease in our lives.  Each pattern of held energy involves a ‘node system’ within our body.  These ‘nodes’ are contact trigger points.  I can access them to release the energy using my hands and fingers to activate the trigger points.  There are usually multiple nodes in each held energy system.  As the energy system is activated and begins to release, I use therapeutic touch to relax the muscles that “hold” the energy.   During these sessions, underlying emotions and thought patterns often become evident.  When this happens, I offer my clients the opportunity to explore those aspects in a safe and comfortable way. 
Each session is 75 minutes in length and combines special energy work with therapeutic touch.  Contact us today to schedule a session at 267-922-3670

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      Good afternoon, James. I just saw this comment. We usually look for contacts through our Contacts form. If you are still interested in our services, please contact us at or 2679223670. We hope to hear from you soon!



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