The Harmony Massage™

Our everyday lives demand a lot from us.  We put out so much of our energy and physical power into our careers, our family, and managing our lives.  Do we give ourselves the much deserved and needed recuperation and pampering time when we are feeling tired and run down?  How many of us get the physical touch and healing that we need to feel robust, connected, and nurtured?

Massage improves your well-being.  Touch alone is very healing for many people.  Massage therapy heals the body through moving touch.  It promotes blood flow, decreases blood pressure, relieves stress that creates tightness in muscles and pain in the body.  It awakens the body’s natural healing powers and promotes harmony and balance within the body.  

Over the past 20 years as a healer and massage practitioner, Wendi has developed what she calls The Harmony Massage. 


Harmony Massage™

Our focus at Hearts In Harmony is to combine massage with energy work.  We have developed the Harmony Massage to wed traditional massage techniques with the amazing benefits of energy healing modalities (Reiki, IET, Vibrational Healing).  The Harmony Massage combines a full energy session along with a focused massage on your neck shoulders and back.

Tandem Harmony Massage™ (Four Hand Massage)

At Hearts In Harmony, we have the privilege of offering this special technique.  Imagine yourself fully relaxed in a warm room while two of our healing practitioners work together giving you a massage that makes you feel as if you are floating on a cloud!
This Tandem Massage can address the body as a whole, focus on ‘problem areas’, and/or incorporate the Harmony Massage elements of energy healing.