Heart Centered Healing Systems offers an array of private and group sessions, classes, and workshops.
The modalities we work within include: IET® (Integrated Energy Therapy), Reiki, Energy Trigger Release, Inner Child Reconnection, Integrated Counseling, and workshops/seminars designed to connect you with your purest manifestation of self.

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IET® (Integrated Energy Therapy):  energy work to clear blockages (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) and re-balance the human energy field.

Energy Trigger Release:  as a result of this work, people have experienced greater range of motion and a decrease or cessation of pain.  Feeling better is not just a physical matter.  It is rewarding emotionally and mentally, as well!

Reiki:  energy work to support the physical aspect of the human energy field.

Vibrational Therapy (Tuning Forks):  this technique incorporates tuning forks matched to specific areas of the body to induce healing and re-balancing.

The Harmony Massage:   this technique combines body work with energy work (Reiki and IET) to relax and restore the body, mind and soul.

Integrated Counseling:  this service is a unique brand of spiritual counseling (holding space, and guiding support to empower them to discover their answers within) that is integrated into our programs.  (client does the leading and following, while we encourage the next step).

Wendi Rose: Inner-Child Reconnection™:   this program is designed to reintegrate personal power that has become trapped at a point in our physical, emotional, mental or spiritual development.  We become re-joined with a wounded and trapped part of ourselves.  Once reunited, we experience more freedom in our lives on all levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual).

The Boundless Self™ Workshop Series:   our workshops are designed to speak in a way that makes sense.  We explore topics of human development and interest on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual fronts.  We cover concepts and wisdom in a way that speaks to all levels of understanding.  We introduce a wide range of tools and exercises that will support you on your path, whether you are seeking to further your professional or personal lives.

Long Distance Healing:  our Reiki and IET sessions can be done remotely.

You’re Own VIP Day!:  we create a custom VIP day just for you!  Your goal/intention guides the work of the day.



*Packages, Workshop, and Class fees are non-refundable. If for some reason you can’t participate, you can apply the funds to future programs, products or services within one year.