Wendi Rose: Inner-Child Reconnection™

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         The mission of this program is to empower anyone impacted emotionally, mentally, or spiritually by a life experience or trauma to affect positive and lasting changes in their life from a place of empowerment, grace and self-love.


  • To offer clients a pathway to healthy integration of their own inner children
  • To support clients in identifying and connecting with powerful sources of support available to them
  • To support clients in experiencing peaceful resolutions to painful life experiences
  • To offer clients simple and effective methods to achieve deeper peace in their lives
  • To teach clients tools to use in their lives to practice living and anchoring positive lasting change

Program Outline 

   This is a 3-5 month program depending on availability of client and facilitator schedules. The program consists of an intake process to assess client eligibility in the program, establishing payment agreement, and 9 separate sessions 1-2 weeks apart.  Contact Us to Register Now.

What is the process?

     The Wendi Rose:  Inner Child Reconnection™ Program consists of 9 sessions, each one designed to achieve a specific result.  Throughout the course of these 9 sessions, you will identify at all stages of your life what conditions and experiences acted as powerful ‘entrapping devices’—creating limiting emotions and beliefs about yourself and the world.  The process employs the use of guided meditations to establish a safe boundary area, to connect you in awareness to your ‘Power Dream Team’, and to safely connect with moments of trauma and entrapment for the purpose of reclaiming your power and returning it to your own conscious control.  The 9th session focuses on creating a path forward, identifying action steps that will continue to support the positive growth experiences of the previous 8 sessions.


   All of us have a set of experiences that have impacted us negatively and held us back in some way in our lives. In extreme cases, life experiences can leave people with a wound that is beyond their ability to mend. Each wound of this magnitude stalls healthy emotional, mental and spiritual development, and a part of that person remains frozen in time, in that moment, in that experience.

   This can create a cycle of patterned behavior repetition.  It can effect how they view and interact with the world around them, how they view and treat themselves, how they build relationships, and ultimately how they treat any children they themselves have. It has been called the cycle of violence in certain scenarios.

     People heal when they choose to heal, and when the necessary tools are available to them.

     Our program is designed to address and facilitate healing where the client needs it most. Our program has the added strength of implementing energy healing modalities that have shown to be effective in generating healing on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels of the human being.

     Simply put, our ideal clients are ready to heal, we have the tools to support them.

Our Client Qualification Indicators and Range

  • Desire and willingness to heal
  • Ability and readiness to face painful memories and experiences
  • The belief, no matter how small, that it is possible for them to make positive change in their life
  • Commitment to complete the program once it is begun
  • Must be following doctor/psychologist recommended medication regime, if applicable

Client Experiences In This Program

     Clients have experienced fundamental changes in their lives in this program including but not limited to:  cessation of chronic physical and emotional pain, more confidence, deeper expression of themselves in personal and professional relationships, greater peace in their lives and a fuller understanding of themselves in this life.

With complete sincerity and gratitude I can say that the Inner Child Program changed my life. I started working with Wendi & Sam a year and a half into my recovery from a 13-yearlong eating disorder. I had been struggling with what felt like a lifetime of mental illness – including periods of severe depression, anxiety, panic attacks, abusive relationships, self-injury, and suicidality. By the time I started the Inner Child Program, I had successfully completed my conventional mental health treatment. I was in a generally stable place, but I felt like I was precariously floating above an ocean of darkness. I lived in tension, ready to defend myself against any person, emotion, or trigger that might drag me back down. As a result I avoided many things, and often felt like I was living on the surface. I knew I needed to do some deeper self-work in order to relax and enjoy life. Although I was terrified of what I would uncover, with Sam & Wendi’s support I decided to start their Inner Child Program. Within the first session I felt soothed, cared for, supported, guided, and protected. I found that with their unique mind-body approach, I was able to safely revisit formative moments in my life, recreating scenes to include a compassionate & empowered sense of self where before there had only been fear & suffering. I was able to go back and acknowledge wounds that had been ignored, to heal pain that had been repressed, and to comfort myself during my darkest and loneliest hours. The whole process was unbelievably moving, and I came away from each session feeling lighter, freer, & more connected to myself. My vision of life is no longer dictated by murky, distant experiences, and I am able to draw upon the tools I learned to regain perspective and stability when I feel out of control. It’s been over a year since I completed the program, and I still regularly use the practices I learned during it. I continue to see Sam & Wendi, as they have been instrumental in the sustainability of my recovery & are hugely supportive in my creation of a clear, mindful, and happy life.”