You’re Own VIP Day!

What is a VIP Day?
A VIP Day is like no other. It is a day focused around the goal/intention of you, our precious client! Making the choice to give yourself the gift of this day could be one of the most powerful and moving choices you make in achieving your goals, whether they be personal or professional.
The objective of a VIP Day is to quantum leap you forward on your path. It’s a power-packed day of self-exploration that will help you get clear on what is and what is not working for you in any area of your life.
A VIP Day will shake you to your core and support you in creating real change in your life. You will get results FAST! What could take 3-6 months of coaching/therapy sessions to achieve, you can get to the core transformation of in a VIP Day.

The power of a VIP Day…
The power of a VIP Day is seated in the power of your intention and willingness to look at the aspects of your life that are related to the goal/intention you bring to your VIP Day. In a VIP Day, you will have many opportunities to acknowledge your intrinsic gifts and foibles and recognize the elements at play in your life that support them. You will have the opportunity to discover and experience your deep well of peace within. All of this work happens in an environment that is safe, secure, comfortable, loving, strong, and peaceful.

The fruits of a VIP Day…
A VIP Day will give you powerful tools to generate confidence and clarity as you move forward toward your goals. You will discover what does work for you. In truth, the fruits of a VIP Day are as numerous and wonderful as the stars.

Since my VIP day with Wendi and Sam, I’ve felt more connected and alive with life. The depression and struggle I felt about my progress and career goals seem a non-issue now. I feel more happy and receptive to my husband, and he loves the difference! I feel the fear and resistance of perfectionism melting away, moving forward launching three info products and courageously asking my community to help. As a result, I attracted a top-notch affiliate partner who is starting to make lots of sales. During the VIP day I felt so honored, heard and nurtured as I breathed in more life with Wendi’s breath work and cleared major blocks. Wendi and Sam make a powerful team with their inner child work, mapping out my ideal lifestyle, identifying blocks and I loved their much needed massage that helped release pain and stress in my body. I’d recommend their work to anyone who wants to take a quantum leap in their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health in one day.
~Ruth Anne Wood,