Wendi Rose on Angel Air Network

Since 1995, she has been practicing healing methods including massage, Reiki, IET, and much more. In 2012, she met her beloved life partner, Samual Haines, whith whom she now works. “My intention is to support people in experiencing and embracing deep and profound love for themselves-to realize that their life is truly remarkable!”

Tonight’s special interview with Wendi will begin with a presentation of information about her work with Intergrated Energy Therapy and the ‘Inner Child.’ The second part of the evening will consist of a guided healing meditation. You will be invited to set an intention- a personal goal, prayer or request- that the energy of the healing will follow. In the meditation, she will guide you to what she calls the ‘Heart Garden’ where you will explore a place inside each of you full of peace, joy and wonder! You will also have the opportunity to connect with one of your own special Spirit Guides that is here to support you in a very special way on your jounrey in this life. After connecting with this Spirit Guide, you will meet one of your own Inner Children- a part of yourself that has been waiting to connect with you. You won’t want to miss tonight’s amazing connection as Wendi takes us on a journey of healing, love and connecting with a deeper part of our soul, spirit, and inner child!