Stress Reduction Club

We know time and money can be tight.  We also know how beneficial the work we do can be in your life.  We have created an incentive that will hopefully make it easier for you to make the decision to receive the benefits of our work.
We introduce our “Stress Reduction Club”.

How does it work?  It is very simple.  You tell us you want to join and we give you a punch card to keep track of your sessions with us.  After seven sessions, the eighth session is FREE!  To be a member of this club you would need to come at least once a month.  The first session is regular price, then the following sessions (as long as you come again within a month) are at a reduced rate.  You will stay at the reduced rate as long as you maintain monthly sessions.  If you miss a month, no worries.  You keep all the “credits” you’ve gained.  Your first session back will be regular price, and then you’re reinstated to the reduced rate!

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