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Featured Product:  Wendi Rose Inner Child Reconnection Program™

Do you or someone you know live with a deep wound from childhood that is holding you back or impacting the quality of your life and relationships?  If so, our Inner-Child Reconnection Program is the answer to your prayers.

Here is your chance to experience a powerful healing process and change your life in the most magnificent and peaceful way.  This is a profound healing process that is gentle and nurturing while being direct and effective in reclaiming your joy, power and sense of self.  For more information, please contact us or call Wendi at 267-922-3670.


Our purpose is to help you move out of conflict and turmoil into resolution and stability.  We are here to be a stand for healing in your life.  We believe in you and your healing.

 What we all want…

We want to feel safer, connected, comfortable, confident and peaceful.  We want to feel supported and empowered.  We all want to feel loved. If you recognize any of the bulleted statements below, let me just tell you that you don’t have to keep living like this any longer!  You can’t afford to live in conflict.  Stop beating yourself up with your thoughts, actions and words–which in turn affect everyone in your life.  The time is now to say “Enough is enough!”  You are not alone.

  • What’s wrong with me?

  • When will my life start moving forward?

  • I feel so far from where I wanted to be at this point in life.

  • Why do I keep attracting the wrong relationships?

  • I am so tired of giving everything I have to people around me and getting nothing in return.

  • I forget what it feels like to feel good.

  • I have forgotten how to daydream and have fun.

  • I feel so disconnected from my spirituality.

  • I just want to feel a moment of peace!

What are we about?

The support and services we offer will help you gain insights and make shifts that are relevant to where you are in your life right now.  Turn Confusion into Clarity, Agitation into Peace, Hurt and Anger into Forgiveness, and Heartache into Love.  Making these shifts in the moments of our lives where it will make a difference most…that is what it is all about.  What you experience after will be a breath of fresh air!

How do we work?

Our expertise is in holding a safe, calming, peaceful space in which people can enter into the processes of self-discovery, forgiveness, healing, and recreation.  We offer many tools to our clients that are geared toward personal growth, developing self-identity, emotional development and spiritual exploration.

Our services include:

Private one-on-one sessions

♦Group Sessions

Tandem (duo-practitioner) sessions





Results I can help you achieve… 

Through healing your emotional wounds and clearing belief systems that do not serve you or your situation, you will find within you a peace that is uniquely yours; that you can experience and share with others in your life.

  • Greater Self-Love and Self Acceptance

  • Deeper Peace in you life

  • Confidence in going after something you’ve always wanted

  • Turn Your Personal “No’s” into “Yes’es”

  • Discerning Balance Between the Head and the Heart

Remember, you are your first, best and most powerful asset.  You can affect great and positive changes in your life, and, in doing so, inspire others to be their best!  In this way, we can create a brighter and more loving world together.  We can provide tools, knowledge and support.  It is your responsibility to use them wisely and lovingly in your own unique way.

“Wendi and Sam, for the first time in my life I am not afraid of my dreams. I’m not afraid to be myself and I’m not afraid to enhance myself and my life. I no longer have a “comfort” zone. I have a “what will make my soul happy?” zone. Thank you for being a part of my journey.”
~Juanita M. Ashe

“Completing the inner child healing process with Wendi Rose and Sam Haines has helped me to be more aware of what relationships in the present are triggering the little girl in me because of something in the past. As a result I am able to express my needs in a relationship more effectively. Wendi and Sam helped me clear old programming from past abuse and trauma through the use of spiritual counseling, guided meditation, and Integrated Energy Therapy. Now when I wake up during the night instead of feeling afraid and alone, I feel peace. The extreme pain I felt from clenching my teeth during the night is gone.

Throughout this process I felt supported by God/Goddess and my guides in healing. I was honest, brave and committed to doing the work and the rewards have been great! Wendi and Sam provided nurturing support throughout this journey. Their guided meditations and IET sessions are powerful clearing and healing experiences.
Thank you.”
~Christina Golden